What is the Eco Repair Score®?

The Eco Repair Score® is a measure of the environmental friendliness with which collision damage to a vehicle is repaired.

The Eco Repair Score® renders the environmental impact of a vehicle repair measurable in a single score.

How does the Eco Repair Score®work?

The Eco Repair Score® is determined by a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the repair of vehicle damage caused by a collision.

The calculation model behind the Eco Repair Score® takes into account the following important factors: 

  • the repair method used (replace, repair);

  • the manufacture of new parts, products and their packaging;
  • the transport of parts and products to the repairer;
  • the spray painting of parts;
  • the recycling of parts, products and their packaging after repair;
  • the energy consumption of the repair shop.

What do the Eco Repair Score® letters mean?

The lower the Eco Repair Score®, the lower the environmental impact. To make it easy to understand the Eco Repair Score®, we use a logo with categories A through E. Repairs with an ‘A’ Eco Repair Score® have the lowest environmental impact, whereas repairs with an ‘E’ Eco Repair Score® have the biggest environmental impact.

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What is the benefit of the Eco Repair Score®?

The introduction of the Eco Repair Score® addresses the need to measurably reduce the environmental impact of vehicle repairs.

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Which repair methods can the Eco Repair Score® be used for?

The Eco Repair Score® calculation model includes numerous repair methods, whether replacement with used parts or original pieces. The degree of craftsmanship of the auto repairer can also drive down the Eco Repair Score®.

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How does the Eco Repair Score® relate to CO2 emissions or other negative impacts on the environment?

Sustainability studies usually tend to be confined to determining CO2 eq. emissions, or the so-called “global warming.”

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How is the accuracy of the Eco Repair Score® calculation method guaranteed?

The Eco Repair Score®’s calculation method is based on years of know-how racked up by Expertisebureau Vonck in the area of automotive expertise and by VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research) in the area of environmental sustainability assessment.

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